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Our firm

Investment approach

Jadwa owes its track record to a clear and disciplined investment approach. Above all, we are focused on long-term value creation. We are prudent in our investment decisions, relying on fundamentals, dedicated expertise, and an institutionalized and collaborative approach. Once we identify an opportunity, we act with confidence on our convictions and make significant allocations. The results speak for themselves.


Business principles

We have built a successful and sustainable firm by adhering to these principles:


We are prudent: We are stewards of our clients’ and shareholders’ capital and our firm’s reputation. We focus on long-term value creation over short-term gain.


We succeed when our clients do: We align our interests with our clients. Our fiduciary responsibility to each client is a sacred trust that cannot be compromised.


We are experts in our chosen domains: Our clients deserve the best expertise. We invest in our people and take great care to retain them, because our clients rely on us.


We are partners: Personal bonds are an important part of our firm’s business partnerships and corporate culture. We believe that collaboration creates value.


We tell the truth: We speak our mind, and do the right thing for our clients, no matter what. We communicate regularly with our clients so they are never surprised by the results of our work together.


We give back: When we succeed, the communities in which we work and live should also benefit.


We deliver on our promises: We only make promises we are qualified and committed to fulfill. A promise by one of us is a promise by all of us.


Shariah commitment

Since inception, the firm has been committed to complying with Islamic legal and ethical guidelines, and to offering Shariah-sensitive clients an expanding universe of investment opportunities.

Our in-house Shariah department supports the Shariah Board, ensures the firm’s compliance with Board rulings, and works closely with business colleagues to develop new Shariah-compliant investment instruments

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