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Economic updates

Our in-depth, independent reports cover the macroeconomic environment, the Saudi government’s annual budget, and Saudi Arabia’s monetary and financial developments, labor market, and inflation.

Inflation report – March 2011

Inflation fell again in March, to 4.7 percent, its lowest level for 12 months. Falling food prices and slowing rental inflation remained the main factors behind the decline.

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Inflation Report — May 2011

Year-on-year inflation fell to a 16-month low of 4.6 percent in May. The ongoing decline in rents and lower food prices more than offset small rises elsewhere.

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Inflation Report —June 2011

Year-on-year inflation ticked up to 4.7 percent in June, from 4.6 percent in May, owing to a small increase in rents and price rises elsewhere that appear related to higher consumer spending.

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