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We take pride in offering our clients an expanding universe of Shariah-compliant investment solutions. This includes managing investment funds and segregated mandates across a broad range of regional and international asset classes as well as delivering advisory and trading services through our investment advisory, and brokerage platforms.

Investment management


Public equity

Public equity markets offer long-term growth opportunities for disciplined investors.


Private equity

Private equity is a broad asset class that can contribute significantly to the returns of a well-diversified investment allocation.


Real estate

The expansive universe of real estate investments offers investors the opportunity to realize capital appreciation as well as recurring income.


Private credit

Private credit is an important component of the alternative investment universe, as it offers attractive, risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to equity markets.


Fixed income

A well-balanced investment portfolio necessarily includes an allocation to fixed income instruments.


Money markets

Jadwa offers Shariah-compliant liquidity management solutions that generate returns from highly liquid, short-term money markets.

Multi asset offerings

Optimized risk-adjusted returns can only be achieved through sound investment diversification.

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Investment advisory and brokerage


Investment advisory

Jadwa’s investment advisory practice provides independent and objective advice to institutional investors, non-profit endowments, and family offices on how to best invest their capital.


Jadwa’s brokerage services comprise a multi-channel trading platform with dedicated execution support for investors in and outside Saudi Arabia.

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